Regulations on Payment and Visa

for International Students


To further standardize the payment of international students, strengthen the management of students visa, and better serve students study and life, these regulations are formulated based on the Exit and Entry Law of China, Working Rules on Visas and Residence Permit for Foreigners of The Public Security Ministry, Higher Education Law of China, Regulations on Higher Education Student Administration of The Ministry of Education, and University policies relevant to student status.


Article 1 These regulations refer to all self-supported students, partial scholarship students, and those who lose full scholarship for any reason.

第二条学校提供给在校留学生的签证种类分为: R(居留许可,180天以上,多次出入境)、X2(短期学习,180天以内,0次出入境)、Stay(停留证件,最长一个月,0次出入境)

Article 2 Types of visa provided to students: Residence Permit (>180 days, multiple entry), X2(<180 days, 0 entry) and Stay (humanitarian, <1 month, 0 entry).


Article 3 All registration are made after payment. At the beginning of each semester, student achieve/maintain student status and get immigration papers by completing the semester’s total tuition and fees. Those who fail to complete the payment will not get registered or get any immigration paper.


Article 4 For returning students, the Online Payment Platform is the only accepted means of payment. No cash or telegraphic transaction is accepted. Invoice (paper or online) issued by university Financial Office is the only proof of payment recognized. Other documents are invalid.


Article 5 Tuition and fees are paid by semester or school year and shall not be less than one semester or more than one year.


Article 6 Since 2016, no insurance fee shall be paid to the university. Student shall pay directly to the insurance company.

第七条网上缴费开始日期:每年5月和11月中旬。缴费截止日期:秋季学期为 8月31日,春季学期为2月28日。

Article 7 Online Payment begins to be available in May and November. The Due Date is: August 31 for Fall Semester, February 28 for Spring Semester.


Article 8 Payment notification and visa expiration reminder are sent to student via text message, email or paper notice, 3 months/15 days/7 days before the due date.


Article 9 Any waiver application shall be submitted for approval at least one month before the due date and not during holidays or vacations.


Article 10 Students who are unable to pay fees for next semester (year) should submit a written application for withdrawal to the International Office at least one month before the due date. If approved, a one-month Stay visa shall be issued by the International Office.


Article 11 Students failing to pay and submit the withdrawal application before one-month before the due date shall be automatically withdrawn by default and a Stay visa no longer than one month shall be issued by the International Office.


Article 12 Stay visa only helps avoid penalties due to visa expiration but does not maintain student status. Even if a Stay visa is valid, its holder shall not go to classes or live on-campus. The university shall urge a Stay visa holder to complete the leaving procedures and buy return tickets.







Article 13 Important dates of Immigration Paper:

Incoming new students who complete payment for one semester and register before September 15 shall get Residence Permit valid until next March 15.

Incoming new students who complete payment for one semester and register after September 15 shall get 0-entry X2 visa valid until next March 15.

All incoming new & returning students (except those graduating in June) who complete payment for two semesters shall get Residence Permit to next September 10.

All students graduating in June and all one-year Chinese Language Program students shall get either Residence Permit or 0-entry X2 to July 31.

Students of delayed graduation shall get 0-entry X2 to the date according to the written approval of academic departments. An extra 15 days (or less) will be given to complete the leaving procedures and buy return tickets.


Article 14 Issues unstipulated in the regulations shall be dealt with in line with related provisions of China government


Article 15 The above regulations shall be implemented from April 2016 to replace the former regulations implemented from December 2015.